Hello World!

Hello World! My name is Kuri Benitez and I’m a computer science major from the University of Mary Washington. I have a passion for games and creating new things. My goal in this class is to better understand the methods of digital media and design and how I can incorporate these ideas into a productive digital workspace.

This domain is a subdomain of my main website (www.kbenite2.com). Dr.Whalen’s advice on using a subdomain versus a tag for classes was brilliant and much easier to set up than I anticipated. Customizing this domain, I have grown to love the design on this subdomain more than the design on my main blog. I created my main UMW domain during my freshman year without much guidance. After my first class of Digital Studies 101, I realized how I had done the discouraged method of naming a domain. Nonetheless, I am proud of my website. I wish I had thought to create a subdomain for that class at first because now it’s much harder to separate my DS106 work from my personal work on the site. If I have the time, I plan to move my ds106 work onto a subdomain. Or at least better organize my current posts on my main page.

When creating this subdomain, I wanted to add my Slack for classmates to communicate with me easier. Slack is the main means of communication in DGST101 and therefore is important to share amongst peers, I believe. I also plugged my personal Instagram in case anyone wanted to befriend me. I chose Instagram because it’s the social platform I use the most to connect with people I know well and sometimes not so well. My other social media I hold closer to the chest.

The main thing I knew I wanted on this site was the front page to be highlighted content. I have yet to find a means to create a front page that continuously updates with recent posts like the posts page (I tried making the posts page my home page and it won’t let me). As an alternative, I put a fake posts page that I will have to manually update with links to posts. It’s definitely more work and I may not keep it but I liked the idea of having my current progress and projects front and center.

For other things on the site such as the sidebar and search bar and pages I wanted to keep it simple and as intuitive as possible. On my main page, it got very confusing and cluttered as I began posting more content. I’ve started to learn from past designs on my main domain to better design my subdomains. I really like the colors, for example, that I used in this subdomain. My main blog is a lot of green and feels sort of childish whereas this subdomain feels more sleek and professional. I wanted to keep the search bar in an easy-to-find-location and I wanted to keep the page count low to start. I only have this one post right now so I didn’t see an urgent need to have multiple pages on the menu bar. The “Jams” on the sidebar I added for a little fun and to feature my sound design and audio design projects from the past and future.

I’m very excited to learn and interact more within this class as the semester goes on. I hope that it will continue to be a fun and interesting experience for me.